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Long Distance Wireless Weather Monitoring -
Add-On packages for existing Weather Stations


WeatherShop has created an exclusive custom solution to the problem of monitoring weather at a remote location with our Wireless Weather Network (WWN) system. Using advanced spread spectrum wireless technology, these systems provide secure and reliable data communications at ranges of 50 miles or more.


You can add our exclusive spread spectrum radio modems to a wide variety of Weather Stations that are equipped with an RS232 serial port.


We also recommend WeatherView32 as the software of choice for doing remote monitoring, display, and export to web and TV of live weather data.


Please note that when adding our wireless transmission system to an existing weather station installation, some special engineering requirements or parts may be required to complete the integration. We suggest that if you do not have the ability to do assembly of such projects that you consider our Complete Turnkey Weather Systems.


The WWN add-on system works with the following weather stations
and manufacturers:

Columbia Weather Systems Capricorn 2000  
Columbia Weather Systems Capricorn II/II+ Requires optional serial interface
Davis Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard III, Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2 Requires optional WeatherLink hardware
Maximum's WeatherMax Requires optional WeatherLogger
NIMBUS by Sensatronics
formerly Sensor Instruments
Oregon Scientific/Huger WM-918, WMR-918, WMR-968  
Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000, 800, 100  
Radio Shack WX-200  
RainWise WS-1000CC  
RainWise WS-2000 (wireless) Requires optional computer interface
RainWise System 12 WeatherLog  
Texas Weather Instruments WR, WRL, WPS, WLS, One-Wire Series  

Description Price
#WWN-ADO 12VDC Powered system includes weather station transceiver pair, NEMA weatherproof enclosures, RS232 Interface and 10' 9 pin RS232 cable, Yagi UHF beam antennas, basic mounting hardware for pole mounting of antenna and enclosures. User supplies 12 Volts DC at 1 Amp for each transceiver unit. 30 mile range with line-of sight above treeline.


$1849.00 for the pair


#WWN-120 120VAC to 12VDC power adapter for above, 1.2 amp output


$39.00 each


#WWN-SOL Add Solar power to either the end of the system (remote or local) includes 30 watt solar panel, charger/regulator, 32 Amp hour sealed battery, larger NEMA Weatherproof enclosure.




#WWN-MST 10' Mast and Tripod kit for solar panel, weather station, and enclosure.




#WV32 WeatherView 32 Professional remote monitoring software version for any weather station listed above. Includes web export feature, automated FTP, real time monitoring, climate reporting, and database management. $249.00



Don't see what you need here? Contact us at for a custom engineered solution! Or call our tech line at 530-899-8434.


Stand-alone Tripod mounted
WWN Remote Weather Station



Detailed view of WWN Remote
Weather Assembly



Weatherproof Instrument
Enclosure houses all
electronics, battery, and
radio modem



WeatherView 32 sample screens

WeatherView32 is included
with our turnkey systems, and can be added to your existing weather station for an "add-on" system.  This powerful program
provides graphing, real-time
custom displays, alarms, and
web and/or TV display features.


WeatherView32 is the best
software to use for remote
weather monitoring.



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