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 Davis Accessories

Extension Cables
Leaf Wetness
Mounting Pole Kit
Radiation Shield
Rain Collector Heater
Rain Collector Shelf
Rain Gauge
Repeaters: Wireless
Solar Sensors
Shelter: Multi-Purpose
Telephone Modem Adap
Temp Sensor
Temp/Hum Sensor
VP2 Console
VP(2) WeatherLink
Vantage Vue Console
Weather Envoy


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Davis Instruments Accessories


Extra Vantage Pro2 Console/Receiver
To view data from a cabled or wireless Vantage Pro2 station in additional locations, or for use 
with any of the special-purpose stations shown.


Vantage Vue Console (#6351)

The compact console is loaded with features, including a backlit LCD screen and glow-in-the-dark keypad that makes viewing weather data easy, day or night. Unique Weather Center feature allows you to view multiple screens of weather data simply and quickly. 

Can also be used as a stand alone device to measure indoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Add a data logger to record the readings, and send alerts when readings are outside your ideal parameters. Ideal for wine cellars, etc.

Weather Envoy & Envoy 8X

For applications where a display isn't needed, or if the display is far from your computer and you wish to log the data. The Envoy 8X also allows you to log the data from multiple stations and store the data into a single database.


7876-040.jpg (5859 bytes)

Extension Cables for ANY Davis Instruments weather station

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Measure air, soil, or water temperature with our Temperature Sensors

TEMHUM-SML.GIF (16787 bytes)

Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station for Vantage Pro2

RAIN-COLLBIG.GIF (25286 bytes)

Davis Rain Collector for Davis Vantage Pro2

Add an Anemometer to your Davis Instruments weather station or replace your old, worn-out one. For Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard III, Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2.  Anemometer Transmitter Kits and Replacement Parts are available, too.

Add a Leaf Wetness Sensor to your Vantage Pro2 system to indicate the level of surface moisture on foliage

6450.jpg (5911 bytes)

Solar Radiation & UV Sensors for use with a Vantage Pro2. (Already included with Vantage Pro2 Plus.)
Mounting Accessories

Mount it all on a Tripod for Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard III, VantagePro, or Vantage Pro2.

wpe17.jpg (5512 bytes)

Fan-aspirated and Passive Solar Radiation Shields for Davis Instruments Sensors and Stations

Wireless Repeaters can give you further range for your Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

Use a Telephone Modem Adapter for transmission of data from Vantage WeatherLink data logger. For Davis Instruments VantagePro & Vantage Pro2 models.

Protect it with a Multi-Purpose Shelter

Heater for your Rain Collector for Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard II, or VantagePro

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