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The RainWise® WindLog

Wind Data Logging Device

The WindLog™ is a compact, inexpensive wind data logger, designed to meet the needs of people considering the purchase of a wind turbine. While many people rely on wind maps to assist them with this purchase decision, these maps don’t provide the detailed information for a specific area. The WindLog allows you to make your own accurate wind study to optimize your turbine placement and its performance, once installed.

Data can be downloaded from the WindLog using a 15-foot USB cable and the no-cost Windows-based WindLogger software (WindSoft™), which uses a SQLite database to track and record wind information. The logging interval can be set from once a minute to once an hour. USB extenders can be used to lengthen the USB cable to over 100 feet. The USB cable can be left connected to the WindLog allowing real-time viewing of the wind data on a computer. By combining both logged and real-time data WindLog can be used both online and offline. WindSoft can generate statistics, graphs and reports. It can also export CSV files for use with Microsoft Excel or any other application that supports CSV files.

Battery life for the logger will depend upon the environment and logging rates. Typical battery life is 6-9 months. When connected to a computer the WindLog will use the USB port power to run. This further extends the life of the batteries.

The Mini-Aervane wind sensor is equipped with low friction race bearings. This reduces the threshold to approximately one mile per hour. The wind direction sensor has a 16-point resolution. Logged direction readings are averaged readings.

A support mast is included with the WindLog. This mast can be used with the Rainwise® Mono Mount or tripod. The mast may also be attached to a support structure using U-Bolts or lag screws.


Features include:

  • 1 MB of Flash memory stores over a years worth of wind data.
  • User selectable logging intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • Operates on three AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries.
  • Uses USB power when connected to a computer.
  • USB port provides fast downloads
  • Free Windows software.
  • Logs average speed, wind gust and average direction.

Screen Shot of WindSoft software



Range: 0 – 67 meters per second (150 Mph)
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Sensor: 4-blade propeller – Lexan – UV inhibited
Threshold:  .45m/sec. (1 Mph)
Transducer:  Magnetic dry reed switch
Frequency: 1 cycle per revolution



Range: 360° – no deadband
Resolution: 22.5°, averaged.
Sensor: Balanced vane with a 16.5cm (6.6 inch) radius
Accuracy: +/- 22.5°
Threshold: .9 m/sec. (2 mph) at a 10° deflection.
The balanced propeller is supported in stainless steel instrument ball bearings.
The direction is obtained through 8 dry reed switches with no dead band.
The M-AV sensor is made from UV inhibited Dupont Delrin, Lexan and stainless steel.


Includes 2 year warranty from manufacturer.



#WXRW-WLG   RainWise WindLog:   $346.50 (List Price $385.00)   Qty:

Optional Accessories:

USB Extender Kit

Provides up to a 100-foot extension of the WindLog USB connection. The USB signals are transmitted over standard CAT5e network cable (sold separately)*. It consists of two USB interfaces, waterproof enclosure and 3 foot USB cable.

The upper interface is housed in a waterproof enclosure. A three-foot USB cable connects the interface to the WindLog. A CAT5e network cable* then connects to the second interface that in turn connects to a PC. The WindLog is powered through this connection when a computer is attached.

*NOTE: CAT5e cable must be purchased separately - see Extension Cables below.

#WXRW-WLG-EXT   RainWise WindLog USB Extension Kit:   $119.00 (List Price $125.00)   Qty:


Extension Cables

The WindLog wind sensor is connected to the data logger using 8-conductor CAT5e cable. This ethernet cable can be used to separate the wind sensor from the WindLog, or for use with the USB Extender Kit above.

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Allows the wind sensor to be mounted higher up with easy ground level access to the data logger.
  • Available in 50 & 100 foot lengths.

#WXRW-WLG-50   RainWise WindLog Extension Cable - 50':   $44.00 (List Price $49.00)   Qty:

#WXRW-WLG-100   RainWise WindLog Extension Cable - 100':   $61.00 (List Price $68.00)   Qty:

Mono Mount

The Rainwise Mono Mount is a flexible mounting alternative to the standard 3 foot tripod. Its quick and easy to install and can be mounted on a pitched or flat roof as well as a vertical surface such as a gable ends.

The Mono Mount is constructed from powder coated steel, aluminum and PVC. This mounting system is durable and stable. The slender design is simple and unobtrusive and is aesthetically pleasing. The adjustable base of the mount van be adjusted to mount on any pitch roof.

#WXRW-MK3MM   RainWise Mono Mount:   $44.00 (List Price $49.00)   Qty:

Tripod Stand

The 3-foot galvanized steel Rainwise Tripod Mounting Stand provides a solid mount for the MK-III weather station or WindLog and can be used on both flat and pitched roofs.

  • All Heavy 5/16" Bolted Construction.
  • Accepts up to 2-1/4" mast. Easy to tilt and service.
  • Can be removed without leaving holes in roof. Lessens chance of roof leaks.
  • Sturdier - Safer
  • Replacement feet kits & tar pad kits available.

#WXRW-TRIPOD   RainWise Tripod:   $49.95 (List Price $59.00)   Qty:


Instruction Manuals (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)
Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual



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