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Sensatronics Temperature Monitors


These simple and easy to use remote thermometers connect to ANY TCP/IP compatible Ethernet connection, be it direct, switched, on a hub or behind a firewall and it will report the temperature and status of switches via a web browser!


With the addition of our exclusive TempElert application, you can have temperature alarms sent to you via e-mail, alphanumeric pagers, cellphones, or PDA's (like Palm Pilots) that have wireless messaging capability! In addition, the optional Voice Dialer can make telephone calls and deliver of pre-recorded voice messages to any regular telephone, cell phone, or voice pager. Support for multiple recipient numbers and remote cancel features are included. This device offers an improved level of alerting by using the telephone to succeed where emails and pager text messages may not.

Included with TempElert is our exclusive PowerBug program can automatically shutdown PC's or servers to prevent damage!


Common Applications:

  • Server Room Air Conditioning monitor/alert
  • Process control monitoring
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Remote location sensing
  • Refrigerated Systems monitoring
  • Greenhouse air and soil temp monitors
  • Remote burglar alarms
  • Anywhere you need to monitor temperatures, power or switch status and have a TCP/IP internet WAN or LAN available!

The Model E4 is the flagship monitor, and is in use in server rooms, etc. all over the world. Up to four probes can be attached. (NOTE: the E16 model has been superceded by the U16)

The Model U16 (Universal) Monitor is designed to monitor a wider range of temperatures than the E4, and is ideal for laboratory/industrial applications. Monitors extreme temperatures down to -139F / -95C, or up to 572F / 300C. Equipped to accommodate up to sixteen temperature probes, it can be installed and running in minutes.

The Model EM1 (Environmental Monitor) monitors up to 4 temperature, humidity or wetness locations, giving detailed information about the conditions of each groups location. 


High / Low Temperature Monitoring Capable of being configured to monitor a wide range of temperatures in just about any application.
Switch Status This is one of those handy interfaces that find all sorts of useful applications. For example, many UPS's have a relay output to indicate whether or not AC power is present. Simply running a wire between that and our units provides a mechanism for quick notification.
Email and Cell Phone Alerts Through the use of our TempElert software these monitors can send email and SMS alerts to any number of users. The optional voice dialer calls with a pre-recorded message for added protection
XML/SNMP data All Sensatronics products allow you to retrieve temperature data easily via XML or SNMP...ideal for users wishing to write their own interface.


Data Warehouse Server Integration "Pushing" data using BASE64 encoded XML over HTTP gives you a great mechanism of sending all data to a central server, especially if there is more than one location you are monitoring on multiple wide area networks and wish to maintain high security.


Auto Refresh Our monitors with internal web pages have an auto refresh feature which allows for easy viewing of the data in applications where continuous manual monitoring may be necessary.


SNMP Polling Monitors allow you to use current SNMP network management software saving you time and improved integration into current processes.


SNMP Traps to Multiple Listeners Redundancy is important. If one listening server goes down, for example, it's nice to know your environmental monitoring will still function.


Wall Mountable Built in flanges allow our base monitors to be mounted anywhere, saving you valuable IT rack space. The Senturion is also wall mountable with the addition of our wall bracket.


Probes Attach Via Screw Terminals Screw terminals, while not as convenient as RJ12's for quick connect/disconnect, provide for a solid connection between the probes and the unit.


Integrates with Most NMS Apps No need to learn yet another application. Senturion easily integrates with your existing network management software. This allows you to build in alert and data logging redundancy to help with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts.



Operating Range: 0F to 122F
Measurement Range: -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C) (E Model)

-139F to 572F (-95C to 300C) (U Models only)

Resolution: 0.1
Measurement Interval: < 5 seconds
Units Selectable: F, C
Power supply: 9VDC @ 250mA
Exterior Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 0.75"
Computer Interface: Ethernet, RS232C (25-pin female D connector)

TempElert Software


OUR EXCLUSIVE TempElert Program ($99) e-mails, pages or calls (with optional voice dialer hardware) when temps or switches reach threshold values you set!

click thumbnails for screen capture samples and descriptions


TempElert also comes with PowerBug! - a utility to shut down PC's or Servers in an overtemperature condition!

This program can save your entire server room containing thousands of dollars of PC equipment!



You can also use TempElert to send alarms on power failure:

Power Failure Detection

The small (2.25" x 1.5" x 1.25") Power Fail Detector connects to a wall outlet and the Sensatronics temperature monitor.

A push button arms the detector. Arming lights the green LED indicating power is good and sets the output for the monitor to closed. When the AC Power fails the green LED goes dark and the output changes to open. Either the Tempelert or Tempelert Spectrum software, once properly configured, will see the open condition as an AC power failure and issue e-mail alerts to concerned parties.

Tempelert and Tempelert Spectrum can also initiate an autodialer (with voice dialer option) to notify concerned parties by telephone.

The detector will remain in the open/alarmed state until the push button is pressed.



TempElert Multichannel also works with the

Optional Automatic Voice Dialer


TempElert can now make a telephone call and delivery of pre-recorded voice messages to any regular telephone, cell phone, or voice pager. Support for multiple recipient numbers and remote cancel features are included. This device offers an improved level of alerting by using the telephone to succeed where emails and pager text messages may not.

Voice Dialer Add-On Package - calls you anywhere via telephone or pager


The TempElert Automatic Voice Dialer features busy-line and no-answer detection to ensure prompt transmission of up to 2 prerecorded messages delivered sequentially to as many as 4 standard telephones, cellular phones, voice and/or numeric pagers. Messages to both local and long-distance calls can be transmitted. When activated, the dialer instantly begins calling the numbers in sequence, delivering each message 1 to 3 times in a row, in accordance with the pre-selected number of dialing attempts.


The TempElert Automatic Voice Dialer is programmable, offering customization to fulfill virtually any residential or business alerting requirement. Plain-English prompts on the LCD screen walk the user through the process in a timely manner.



  • Versatile, Full-featured, Easy to Program
  • LCD Display and programming keypad
  • Keypad door hides keys from curious fingers
  • Standard RJ-11 Telephone Jack with loop through
  • FLASH RAM for storing recorded voice messages and programming retains even when power goes out
  • 2-way Listen in Verification - you can hear what's going on in the room being monitored
  • Works with TempElert via the serial port of your PC
  • 12 volt DC operation, AC to DC wall transformer included
  • Provides reliable emergency notification 24 hours a day

Programming options abound, allowing the user to:

  • Store up to 4 telephone, cell phone, or voice pager numbers.
  • Choose 1- 9 calling efforts for the numbers dialed.
  • Select 1-3 message repeats.
  • Record a variable combination (maximum: 3) of instructional outgoing messages (total elapsed time: 51 seconds).
  • Further voice alerts can be canceled by the end user via touch tone keypad during an alert telephone call

Program up to 2 separate input channels with individually enable/disable, entry/exit delay and activation options (Normally Open (N.O.), Normally Closed (N.C.) (dry contact or voltage activation) including momentary and continuous activation for each).


Further individualize each channel by selecting the delay times, telephone/pager numbers to be dialed and the specific outgoing messages to be played.


Order Items:

Temperature & Environmental Monitors

#WXS-E4   Sensatronics E4 Temperature Monitor (4 probe ports):   $484.95 (List Price $494.45)

*** Discontinued ***

#WXS-U16   Sensatronics U16 Temperature Monitor (16 probe ports):   $1036.45 (List Price $1057.95)

*** Discontinued ***

#WXS-EM1   Sensatronics EM1 Environmental Monitor (4 probe groups):   $607.95 (List Price $620.95)

*** Discontinued ***

Monitoring & Alerting Software

#WXI-TE   TempElert Standard Edition Software (CD-ROM):   $99.00 (List Price $129.95)   Qty:

#WXI-TE-DL   TempElert Standard Edition Software (Download):   $99.00 (List Price $129.95)   Qty:

NOTE: Monitors E, F & U models ONLY - EM1 users must use TempElert Spectrum.
Monitors a single device per instance. System must be logged on - DOES NOT run as a service.

#WXI-TESP   TempElert Spectrum Edition Software (CD-ROM):   $199.00 (List Price $244.95)   Qty:

#WXI-TESP-DL   TempElert Spectrum Edition Software (Download):   $199.00 (List Price $244.95)   Qty:

#WXI-TESP-USL   TempElert Spectrum Unlimited Site License (CD-ROM):   $449.00 (List Price $524.95)   Qty:

NOTE: Compatable with ALL Sensatronics monitors. Monitor MULTIPLE devices over MULTIPLE networks.
One license per machine. If 3 or more are required, purchase the Unlimited Site License.
System must be logged on - DOES NOT run as a service.

Voice Dialer

#WXI-AD-2001   Automatic Voice Dialer:   $249.00 (List Price $269.95)   Qty:

Standard Temperature Probes

*** Clearance Pricing - Limited to Stock on Hand ***

Accuracy - Highest Range: 0.5F (0.3C) from -20F (-28.9C) to +120F (48.9C)
Accuracy - Entire Range: 1.5F (0.8C) from -40F (-40C) to +140F (60C)

#WXS-PRB-100   Standard Temperature Probe - 100 foot:   n/a (List Price $91.00)  

#WXS-PRB-200   Standard Temperature Probe - 200 foot (can be cut to length):  
$52.95*** (List Price $133.00)   Qty:

Heavy Duty Temperature Probes

*** SOLD OUT ***

Accuracy - Highest Range: 0.5F (0.3C) from -20F (-28.9C) to +120F (48.9C)
Accuracy - Entire Range: 1.5F (0.8C) from -40F (-40C) to +140F (60C)
(longer lengths available for custom order - max length is 1000')

AC Power Fail Detector

Uses a single temperature probe port.
Monitors a power outlet for available power, triggers an alert when the power is unavailable
Comes with 8' of cable to connect this device to the monitor. Additional cable can be purchased below.

#WXI-PFD   AC Power Fail Detector w/ 8' cable:   $79.95 (List Price $104.95)   Qty:

#WXI-PFD-XC   AC Power Fail Detector Extra Cable (by the foot):   $0.20 (List Price $0.39)   Qty:


Instruction Manuals (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)

Model E Series

Model F Series (discontinued)

Model U Series

Model EM1

Power Bug

Power Failure Detector

Automatic Voice Dialer


Model E Series

Model F Series (discontinued)

Model U Series

Model EM1




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